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So, you want to send gifts to ensure your clients stay with you and tell others how great you are? Perfect!

Problems & Solutions

I don’t have their address

You don’t need it – we’ll get it for you – you just need their phone or email

I don’t know what they like

You don’t have to worry about this – they will choose their own gift

I don’t know if they drink

They’ll choose their own gift – with or without alcohol

I need my gift to arrive TODAY

No problem – your gift will arrive in seconds

I don’t have a big budget

You spend the amount you want – your recipient will never know the value of their gift

I don’t have a lot of time

You don’t need it – you can send a gift in just 60 seconds in our new App


1. Download THE PERFECT GIFT App to your phone or computer

2. Log in with the details we’ve sent you – put in your credit or debit card details (to pay for the gifts you send)

3. In your PROFILE you can update your card details or your password, and you can set up some standard messages to send to your clients

4. To send a gift – click on HOME - choose the value of the gift you want to send / fill in the details of your client / type a message or select one that you’ve previously saved / add in who the gift is from / hit SEND. Your job is done!

Here’s how to get started…

1. Send us your logo – we’ll set up a branded ribbon and gift card in your colours (no cost)

2. We’ll design you a Gift Site for the value of the gifts you’d like to send (no cost). If you want, you can supply photos of your business, products and staff for this page

3. We can set up 3 Gift Sites for gifts of different value (no cost) – for example we can set you up a site for $100 gifts / a site for $200 gifts / and a site for $300 gifts. This way, depending on how much you want to spend on each person – you can decide to which value Gift Site you send them

4. We’ll customize your App with your Gift Sites (no cost) so when you’re sending a gift, you simply choose the value - $100 / $200 / $300

5. Every gift that you send goes with your Branded Ribbon and Branded Gift Card so your recipient will never forget who it’s from (no extra cost)

6. A record of all of the gifts you send are kept in your App in the SENT GIFTS section. You can sort these via the date you sent them or to whom you sent them. The ones ticked have been delivered

7. A monthly statement is issued in your App at BILLING HISTORY so you can claim for every gift you send (download and print)

8. Payment is taken on the 7th day of the month (for the gifts delivered in the previous month) from the Credit or Debit Card that you’ve entered into the App when you first signed in
My name is Sharon King and I own The Gift Box Factory and The Perfect Gift App. Here are my promises…

• The products in your gifts will never leave our warehouse with less than 3 months expiry date
• If we are out of a particular product we will ALWAYS upgrade to a product with a higher value
• If any of the products in your gifts are damaged in transit we will replace them so your clients will never be unhappy
• This means that your gifts will leave our warehouse in perfect condition – with your branding – and arrive in perfect condition
• Your clients are as important to us as you are – we know that they must ALWAYS feel special and we know how to surprise and delight them. This business has been operating since 1987 and we’ve built it on the above promises.

Pics of how the gifts look…

More information…

If you need more information, or you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
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To see more visit our Retail Site – www.thegiftboxfactory.com.au

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