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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We've been doing this a long time... 36 years in fact. So we know what we're doing. This is why we can offer you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee when you purchase gifts from our site. If our gifts arrive damaged or broken we'll replace the damaged or broken goods. If our products arrive and they're faulty, out of date or just not acceptable we'll replace the products. Our aim is to ensure that both you and your recipient are totally satisfied with the gifts you're sending and the service we offer. If we mess up, we'll fix the problem. We're here to help so contact us on 1300 085 085 or email us - sharon@thegiftboxfactory.com.au.

And just so you know... our policy is that if we are temporarily out of stock of any product, we will ALWAYS upgrade to a more expensive replacement.

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